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Contact our View Royal electrician when you need a local team near Mitchosin or Sidney.

When electricity works as it should, it’s great. When things go wrong, however, it becomes difficult to cope.

Get the current flowing again by calling us at Sasquatch Home Services. Our expert team offers all kinds of electrical wiring installation and electrical wiring repair.

We’re the best because we’re owned and operated by a master electrician. We can handle any project, from an electrical panel upgrade to a GFCI receptacle installation.

Why deal with us? Learn more about our team and how we protect our little spot of Southern Vancouver Island before calling.

Emergency Electrical Repair in British Columbia, Canada

Dealing with electricity means knowing when to call an emergency electrician. We are available 24/7, so if you’re not sure if your situation counts or not, call our electrical contractor at any time.

You might believe that an electrical outlet repair can wait. In most cases, you’d be right, but there are times when that fault could cause an electrical fire. If you notice any heat, smoke, or sparks near an outlet or fitting or if your electrical service panel keeps tripping, call.