British Columbia, CA, Whole-House Safety Inspections

Contact us to help you keep your family safe with whole-house safety inspections in Sooke, BC, Southern Vancouver Island & Greater Victoria.

If you’re like most people, you don’t think about your electrical system until something goes wrong. The Sasquatch Home Services team wants to change this mindset by underlining the importance of preventative maintenance.

Call our experts in Sooke, BC for a whole house electrical safety inspection once or twice a year and safeguard your biggest investment. Our team conducts an electrical inspection to optimize performance, detect breaks in lines, and repair damage before it becomes a significant risk.

Want to ramp up the protection in Juan de Fuca EA, Highlands, and other nearby towns on Vancouver Island even more? Consider installing whole home surge protection.

Why Get a Whole Home Inspection in British Columbia, Canada?

Whole-house safety inspections are an inexpensive way to guard against electrical fires and extend the lifespan of your home’s wiring. Our trained electricians inspect the entire wiring system for damage and replace worn components as necessary.

We at Sasquatch Home Services look at your system’s capacity and see if it can handle the current load. We also look for inefficient areas and correct these.

While we don’t think about wiring often, there is a lot that can happen to it. When electricity passes through the wires, it heats them up, degrading them over time. As a result, the connections could eventually loosen when you plug devices into an outlet, and rats might chew on the cables.

These instances won’t always leave obvious signs, but they can all pose a fire risk. This makes proactive maintenance a crucial element of your home safety plan.