Whole-House Surge Protectors in Sooke, Duncan, and Victoria, BC

Considering a whole-house surge protector in North Saanich, Sidney, and elsewhere in Greater Victoria? Call our team for the right advice!

Why invest in house surge protection? The simple answer is that you want to protect your electronic devices without using a special plug. Whole home protection means that you can plug any device into any outlet, confident that it is safe from lightning strikes and other types of power surges.

What’s more, unlike the plugs, the system can take more than one hit. Make your life easier by calling Sasquatch Home Services to discuss your options today. Led by a master electrician, our team of trusted technicians can provide the right advice every time in Sooke, BC and beyond.

Are you concerned about your home’s electrical system overall? Schedule an inspection to ascertain its condition in Juan de Fuca EA, Highlands, and the rest of Vancouver Island.

Surge Protector Installation & Replacement in British Columbia, Canada

Do you have time to find a surge protector plug every time you want to charge your laptop? What happens to those appliances you leave plugged in if there’s a storm or electrical surge?

You can make sure that every appliance in your home has its own surge-protector plug, but how practical is that? There’s no way to tell when that plug will fail, leaving your appliances potentially unprotected at all times.

Even if the single units work as they should, they offer limited protection. With enough surges or a large enough jolt, they burn out.

We can install a whole house surge protector into your main electrical panel. That way, you can protect every outlet at once with a single surge protection installation.