Heater Repairs and Maintenance in Sooke, Greater Victoria, and the Surrounding Areas

When you need emergency heater repairs and maintenance, call Sasquatch Home Services. Call to request immediate service in Sooke, BC, and nearby areas throughout Greater Victoria, like Oak Bay and North Saanich.

A dependable heating system tops the list of essentials that make your house livable. If your heater or furnace gives out on the coldest day of winter, what do you do?

Call Sasquatch Home Services, the leading heating contractor in Sooke, BC and beyond. Whether you need heat pump repair or central heating repair, count on us to save the day. Our trusted technicians keep up with the latest technology and have what it takes to deliver superior results.

We maintain straightforward pricing and do our best to protect the environment by planting 50 trees for every system installation we complete.

Our full-service approach means you can count on us for a seamless experience, even during emergencies, when you need help the most.

Enjoy zoned heating and improved indoor air quality with a ductless heat pump. Call to learn more and schedule service!

Trusted Emergency Heater Repair in the Greater Victoria Region

Well-maintained heating systems rarely break down without warning. However, any furnace or heater may develop a problem that could get out of hand.

While not every problem deserves immediate attention, don’t hesitate to call us for emergency heating repair as soon as you notice the following:

  • The heating system won’t turn on: Your heating system may fail to turn on because of something as simple as a power issue or as serious as a breakdown that requires replacement.
  • Odd noises coming from the unit: Heating systems make strange sounds occasionally. When these sounds become loud, repetitive, or more frequent, you may have an emergency on your hands.
  • A broken thermostat: Unlike with a disconnected or decalibrated thermostat, you may need to replace a broken thermostat immediately to restore heat.
  • Overheating: Overheated systems often require a simple fix, such as changing the filter or replacing a malfunctioning overheating sensor. When left for too long, overheating can cause a system breakdown or lead to a fire.
  • Strange odours: Rotten-egg, metallic, or chemical smells coming from your unit point to heating system issues that can’t wait for scheduled repairs.

At Sasquatch Home Services, we provide emergency heater repairs and maintenance throughout the Vancouver Island area. Call us for on-time service backed by a satisfaction guarantee.