Dependable Saanich Cooling Services

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In Saanich, BC, the weather can reach nearly 23°C, sometimes higher. These temperatures accompany dense humidity that needs conditioned air circulating throughout a building to maintain a comfortable atmosphere. At Sasquatch Home Services, our reputable technicians provide everything from AC tune ups to 24 hour air conditioner repair to ensure your indoor air stays safe and comfortable throughout the year.

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Emergency AC Repair Services in the Greater Victoria Region

How exactly does our emergency AC service work? First, you call us and state your AC emergency. We’ll dispatch one of our trustworthy technicians to check out your air conditioning unit. But what constitutes an air conditioning emergency?

  • Refrigerant leaks are emergencies because refrigerants have toxic effects on people and animals.
  • An AC unit that leaks water requires emergency services because the water could cause structural damage to your home.
  • Electrical issues, like shorting circuits or burning smells, can indicate a fire hazard.

When you notice these or other suspicious issues at your home in the Greater Victoria Region, call us to protect your home and air conditioning system with Saanich cooling services.