Langford Whole-Home Electrical Safety Inspection Services

Keep your family safe from property damage and fire hazards with a whole house electrical safety inspection from licensed professionals at Sasquatch Home Services. Call today to schedule yours!

Electrical fires cause millions of dollars in damage to homes and businesses annually. They cause civilian injuries that are impossible to heal or reverse and traumatic experiences that victims carry for the rest of their lives. Our licensed team at Sasquatch Home Services proudly provides whole-house safety inspections in Langford, BC.

An electrical inspection prevents outlets and fuses from blowing up or overloading, preventing unintentional discharges and arcing between conductors that can ignite wood and other light materials. According to research, faulty lighting fixtures and inefficient electrical distribution cause most electrical fires in Canada and the United States. Our technicians work hard daily to bring that number down for the people of Langford.

If you want to maximize energy efficiency while having a more reliable HVAC system, ask us about heat pump installation.

Why Should You Get Whole-House Safety Inspections?

Conducting whole-house safety inspections is a licensed trade for experienced electricians. They are the foundation of a maintenance plan that keeps sockets, wires, basement panels, and other components free from failing parts that can turn into fire risks.

Here are a few lesser-known reasons to get a whole home inspection:

  • It can help assess whether your electrical supply can sustain a powerful new appliance, such as a new HVAC system or radiant heating.
  • It keeps the wires in older structures free from the risk of failure after working with more power-hungry modern machines for years.
  • It reduces the cost of future repairs and minimizes wasted energy.