Trusted Saanichton Heating Services

Do you live or work in Saanichton or somewhere close like Metchosin or Mill Bay? Call Sasquatch Home Services when you need expert Saanichton heating services.

Winter here can be quite chilly, but it becomes downright uncomfortable when your heating system is on the fritz. Sasquatch Home Services is the heating service company to restore your comfort as quickly as possible.

Don’t shiver away waiting for the rest; skip the line by calling the best. Whether you need emergency heater repair, new heater installation, or heater maintenance, we’re your preferred heating contractor.

Why can you rely on us? We can tell you it’s because HPCN-registered, but we feel that our reviews from Vancouver Island residents explain why to hire us better.

Emergency Heating Repair in Saanichton, British Columbia

When it comes to heating systems, emergencies can sometimes prove life-threatening. If you have elderly or vulnerable people in your home, they could get sick if the heater fails. You could also be facing a potentially fatal carbon monoxide leak.

That’s why we offer 24 hour heating repair. Call us even if you’re not sure it’s an emergency. Our on-call electrician will evaluate the situation and explain your options.