Reliable Saanichton Electrical Services

Are you a resident of Saanichton or nearby on Vancouver Island, like View Royal or Langford? Do you need an expert Saanichton electrician? If so, call us today!

Sometimes hiring an electrical contractor is a gamble. Maybe they’ll be great, or maybe they’ll leave you with a whole lot of electrical code violations to sort out. Sasquatch Home Services is here to make your next hire a sure thing.

Our team of experts cares about our clients and community, so we’ll never do anything to put you at risk. We take as much care when we’re completing a simple electrical outlet repair as we do when performing a full-hour electrical wiring installation. We understand that taking shortcuts can result in tragedies, so we are very thorough.

We can sit here and list the accolades we earned in the Greater Victoria region, but we’d rather let our clients explain more in their reviews.

Emergency Electrical Repair in Saanichton, British Columbia

Are you experiencing an electrical fault? Is it an emergency or not? Be sure to call our emergency electrician and let them explain your next steps.

In general, however, the following are bad signs:

  • The electrical service panel keeps tripping
  • Dead circuits despite breaker panel repair
  • A chemical burning smell
  • Hot outlets or switches
  • Sparking or burning of any circuits
  • Frayed cables after  electrical wiring repair