Vancouver Island, BC, Home Heating System Services

Are you using an old furnace system? While your old faithful keeps you warm at night, we at Sasquatch Home Services know it’s not the most energy-efficient system out there. With heating costs rising rapidly, replacing that old furnace with a more efficient model could save you thousands over the years.

Heat pumps offer you a way to save up to 75% of your heating bill while offering a clean source of energy. It doesn’t get much better than this, so now is the right time to switch.

We’re here to make the transition effortless. Our team will help you choose the best option, secure financing, and advise you on rebates you may qualify for in Vancouver Island, CA.

Then we’ll install your new system flawlessly so you can reap the benefits straight away. We are so committed to sustainability that we partner with One Tree Planted to plant 50 trees for every heat pump we install.

Make sure your home’s wiring is safe and up to code with electrical wiring inspections in the Greater Victoria Region.

Electric Furnace to Heat Pump Conversion in Sooke, BC

When should you convert your home heating system in Vancouver Island, CA? Heat pumps can use your existing ductwork to move air, so the conversion is less intrusive than you might think.

What’s more important is your furnace’s annual fuel utilization efficiency.

If this is less than 79%, it’s worth considering making the change. A furnace’s efficiency declines as it ages, so even high-efficiency units that are about 10 years old might need an upgrade.

The average furnace lasts between 15 and 20 years with proper maintenance, so if your unit is approaching that age, it’s time to replace it.