Trusted Oak Bay Electrical Services

Call Sasquatch Home Services when you need an Oak Bay electrician in town or somewhere nearby, like Duncan or Mills Bay.

Electricity is a wonderful invention when it works as it should. All it takes to cause problems, however, is a wayward mouse chomping through the wrong wire. Not to worry, though; our team at Sasquatch Home Services is here to set things right with professional electrical wiring repair.

Owned and operated by a master electrician, our company understands more about electrical wiring installation and breaker panel repair than most others. So we’re uniquely qualified to deliver everything from an electrical panel upgrade to a new standby generator installation.

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Emergency Electrical Repair in Oak Bay, British Columbia

When do you need to call an emergency electrician? We make ourselves available 24/7 to ensure you have help when you need it. If you’re not sure if we should come out immediately, call us.

Generally, things like minor outlet repair services and installing new light fittings can wait. Emergencies include problems like your GFCI receptacle sparking or feeling very hot and your electrical service panel constantly tripping.