Langford Hot Tub & Pool Wiring Installation Services

Hire experienced pool & hot tub wiring professionals by calling Sasquatch Home Services at 236-237-1343 to discuss your needs.

Pool and hot tub wiring can be incredibly complex. It could involve connections to Wi-Fi sensors and digital temperature gauges that unlicensed maintenance crews might damage without knowing. At Sasquatch Home Services, our technicians are the most reliable hot tub electrical wiring experts in Langford, BC, with a five-star service record to back it up.

We have decades of combined experience in pool and hot tub wiring installation and maintenance for North American and Asian brands. Whether you want a new hot tub to improve your home resale values or a new pastime you can explore with friends during the colder months, we are the business to call.

Want a more energy-efficient HVAC system? Ask us about heat pump installation!

Signs You Need to Hire Pool & Hot Tub Wiring Professionals

Hot tubs last an average of five to 15 years, and above-ground pools last seven to 20. Electrical components are usually the first to break down, as manufacturers make them with wires that water and salt can corrode.

Here are a few signs you need to contact pool & hot tub wiring experts:

  • Your hot tub or pool has recurring contamination problems, and the water comes out discoloured and algae-ridden.
  • Your water smells foul and mouldy, usually signifying a circulation problem because of a failing sensor or automatic pump.
  • Your water temperature does not match the readings on your analog or electric gauge.
  • Your jets do not work or turn off after a few minutes.