Langford Electric Car Charging Station Installation Services

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Electric vehicles are the future for residents and business owners in Langford, BC. They feature lower running costs, fewer importation tariffs for models that run on renewable electricity, and eliminate noise pollution in busy cities. However, they require an electric vehicle charging station, which might require a 120 or 240-volt alternating current, depending on your model, that your home grid might not support.

At Sasquatch Home Services, we love making fully-electric vehicles accessible to clients in our service areas. We have years of experience in residential EV charging station installation catering to American, Japanese, and Chinese carmakers.

We also offer heat pump installation and repairs for clients who want efficient HVAC systems.

Why Do You Need an Electric Vehicle Charging Station?

Electric vehicles require significant amounts of electricity to charge. A fast-charging smartphone draws 0.002% of the power an EV needs to recharge. A domestic wall socket and electrical system will strain and malfunction under this massive load, especially as even the most efficient electric cars need several hours to repower.