Code Compliance Repairs in British Columbia, CA

Avoid safety hazards or hefty fines for electrical code violations. Call Sasquatch Home Services for reliable code compliance repairs today!

Compliance with the Canadian Electrical Code is essential to keep your home safe and habitable. Whether you want to sell your property, start new construction, or ensure your electrical systems meet modern safety standards, you can rely on our team at Sasquatch Home Services for electrical compliance repairs in Sooke, BC.

Our proficient and trustworthy technicians can address all your electrical code violation issues and leave you 100% satisfied. Call us to discuss your needs and schedule same-day service today!

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Common Electrical Code Violations in British Columbia, Canada

We often don’t think about code compliance until something goes wrong with the electrical system, or we find ourselves at loggerheads with the National Electric Code. Understanding various code compliance issues is the first step to ensuring your electrical system is in excellent condition and safe for use.

Some of the issues to be aware of include:

  • Using an inappropriate circuit breaker
  • Failure to use the most effective ground
  • Failure to install the appropriate number of receptacles
  • Failure to use tamper-proof receptacles
  • Using an inappropriate cover for an external receptacle
  • Incomplete electrical projects
  • Faulty or unskilled electrical repairs
  • Overloading the electrical panel