At Sasquatch Home Services, one of our goals is to help make Canadian homes greener and more sustainable. By partnering with us — along with the Canada Greener Homes Initiative — you can save money and combat climate change.  

What Is the Canada Greener Homes Initiative?

The Canada Green Homes Initiative was implemented by the Canadian government as a way to improve the energy efficiency of homes. With this initiative, eligible homeowners can receive up to $5,000 via the Canadian Greener Homes Grant. With this money, you can retrofit your home with components that help make your home more sustainable.

There are just a few steps:

  • Register for your pre-retrofitting evaluation.
  • Plan out and approve your home retrofits.
  • Complete your retrofitting and book your post-retrofit appointment. 
  • Apply for reimbursement and receive your payout for improving your home!

Homeowners are also eligible to receive up to $600 towards the cost of their pre-and post-retrofit EnerGuide home evaluation. If you really want to make an impact, homeowners can benefit from $5,000 to $40,000 in interest-free loans for major retrofitting jobs. 

Contact Us Today to Make Your Home Greener

At Sasquatch Home Services, we’re committed to serving our community while doing our part to protect the environment. Not only do we have 50 trees planted for each heat pump we install, we’re also happy to provide guidance and support for all the environmentally-conscious services we offer. For more information on how we can help you make your home greener, contact us today!