Now is the time to take control of your electrical demands and impact on the environment. While many electrical upgrades can improve your energy savings, few upgrades can have as powerful an impact as switching to a grid-tied solar system. Start reaping the benefits of clean power by getting in touch with our solar installation company! Our experts will equip your home with a new system that provides short- and long-term financial savings and protects the environment.

We proudly offer installation and repair services for solar panels for homes on Vancouver Island, CA, including:

  • Sooke
  • East Sooke
  • Langford
  • Colwood
  • View Royal
  • Royal Bay
  • Saanich
  • North Saanich
  • West Saanich
  • East Saanich
  • Oak Bay
  • Cordova Bay
  • Victoria
  • Esquimalt
  • Highlands
  • Metchosin
  • Shirley
  • Victoria West
  • Cadboro Bay
  • Fernwood

Solar Panel Installations From Vancouver Island, CA, Experts

Over the years, homeowners have been increasingly interested in solar panel installations because they decrease their dependence on the main energy grid and lower their power bills. Most importantly, a residential solar installation enables homeowners to reduce their carbon footprints by running their homes on emission-free energy. If you’re interested in these benefits, turn to our expert solar installers. We’ll help you choose high-quality solar equipment that is right for your home and install it correctly.

When you hire us to install solar panels for your home on Vancouver Island, CA, you can expect our solar installers to perform the following steps:

  1. Conduct a Solar Estimate: Before installing solar panels on your home, we’ll ensure your house receives an adequate amount of sunlight and can support the weight of the panels. If your home could benefit from a residential solar installation, our certified technicians will create a detailed estimate of the project so that you will know exactly what to expect.
  2. Design Your System: Everyone’s solar needs are different, and that’s why our specialists carefully choose the highest quality solar panels, inverters, and other equipment for your energy needs. At this point, we will also determine the perfect placement of the panels on your home to ensure you can get the greatest return for your investment.
  3. Install Your Solar Panels: Once everything is in order, our solar installation company will move forward with the next step in the process. This step involves securing the panels to your roof in an aesthetically pleasing and safe way. When we install solar panels, homeowners do not have to worry about the structural integrity of their roofs being damaged or compromised in any way.

Top-Notch Solar Panel Repair Services

Have your panels recently been damaged in a summer storm? Did your inverter stop working unexpectedly? If you’re experiencing any problems with your solar system, you can trust our qualified technicians to provide timely repairs for the solar panels on your home on Vancouver Island, CA. We carry a wide variety of tools, equipment, and parts in our company vehicles so that we can perform a solar panel repair on the first visit, no matter if that involves cleaning the panels or repairing faulty wiring or damaged solar cells.

The Main Advantages of a Grid-Tied Solar System

Grid-tied solar systems are solar panels that are still connected to the electricity grid. By keeping your home on the utility grid, you ensure your family always has access to power. This system is often the top choice for homeowners across the country. Why are grid-tied solar panels for homes so popular on Vancouver Island, CA? Grid-tied systems:

  • Are cheaper to install since they do not require special equipment as off-grid systems do
  • Allow you to take advantage of net metering, which is the process of selling excess electricity generated by your solar panels to your utility company
  • Provide backup energy when you want to improve your home’s efficiency during peak usage periods
  • Reduce your carbon footprint by producing emission-free energy
  • Enable you to take advantage of tax credits from the federal and state governments

Learn More About Our Solar Panel Services Today

Upgrade your home’s power and reduce your environmental impact by installing a residential solar system. At Sasquatch Heat Pumps, we provide high-quality solar panels for homes throughout the Vancouver Island, CA, area and can equip your house with a cost-effective power system. We also offer several financing options, so nothing stands in your way from making your home more sustainable. Schedule service with our solar panel experts today!