Is it time for a new heating and cooling system? Whether you’ve had a heat pump already installed or want to replace your furnace with a more efficient and eco-friendly option, you should consider installing a new heat pump system. These units can save you money year after year and reduce your carbon footprint! If you’re ready to enjoy an incredible heating and cooling experience, turn to our heat pump replacement contractors. We’ll install your new unit safely and quickly so that you can remain comfortable in your home.

Sasquatch Heat Pumps proudly offers heat pump installation services throughout the Vancouver Island, CA, area, including:

  • Sooke
  • East Sooke
  • Langford
  • Colwood
  • View Royal
  • Royal Bay
  • Saanich
  • North Saanich
  • West Saanich
  • East Saanich
  • Oak Bay
  • Cordova Bay
  • Victoria
  • Esquimalt
  • Highlands
  • Metchosin
  • Shirley
  • Victoria West
  • Cadboro Bay
  • Fernwood

Residential Heat Pump Replacement Services on Vancouver Island, CA

Heat pumps are hardworking appliances with many intricate components. For this reason, it’s important to trust the installation process to experienced heat pump replacement contractors. We’ll ensure your new system is installed correctly, meets all regulation requirements, and operates reliably and efficiently. In addition to installing all makes and models of heating and cooling equipment, our heat pump installation company can take care of any heat pump repair services you may need throughout the lifetime of your system.

Types of Replacement Heat Pump Units We Install

If you’re thinking about a heat pump installation for your Vancouver Island, CA, home, you have a few options to choose from. Two of the systems for which we offer heat pump replacement services include:

  • Air-Source Heat Pumps: These units pull air from outside your home to heat or cool the interior of your house. Because they are not generating their own heat, they operate extremely efficiently.
  • Ground-Source Heat Pumps: These replacement heat pump units are also called geothermal heat pumps and pull energy from the ground to keep your home at the ideal temperature. The installation process is more intense than that of an air-source heat pump, but the unit is more efficient and often more durable.

Our heat pump installation technicians on Vancouver Island, CA, are highly qualified to install either type of heat pump. We can evaluate your needs, budget, and property to help you choose the model that is best for your home.

Signs You Need a New Heat Pump Unit

While routine heat pump maintenance services can ensure your system lasts longer than 15 years, there will be a time when it makes more sense to install a new heat pump unit than to keep repairing your old one. If you notice any of the following problems, our heat pump installation technicians on Vancouver Island, CA, can quickly equip your home with a new heating and cooling system:

  • You have to pay for frequent repairs.
  • Your unit is making unusual noises, like hissing, screeching, or banging.
  • Your heat pump system constantly runs.
  • You cannot get your home to be heated or cooled evenly.
  • Your home’s indoor air quality is poor.
  • Your energy bills have increased for no explainable reason.

Get in Touch With Our Heat Pump Installation Company

When it’s time for heat pump installation in your Vancouver Island, CA, home, trust the company with knowledgeable technicians and quality workmanship. Our heat pump experts follow the highest industry standards and use state-of-the-art equipment to guarantee safe installation and efficient operation of your new heating and cooling system. Contact us today to learn more about our installation and replacement services.