Houses built over 35 years ago are not the only homes that require electrical rewiring services. If you’ve added several modern appliances to your home, undergone any major renovations, or noticed your lights flickering and your circuit breakers tripping, it’s time for electrical upgrades in your Vancouver Island, CA, home.

Rewiring a house ensures the occupants have enough power to enjoy both electrical necessities and amenities. It also makes the home safer since electrical fires are less likely to break out when the faulty wiring has been replaced. If you suspect your home’s electrical wiring needs to be upgraded, turn to our qualified professionals. We proudly offer house electrical wiring services to residents throughout the Vancouver Island, CA, area, including:

  • Sooke
  • East Sooke
  • Langford
  • Colwood
  • View Royal
  • Royal Bay
  • Saanich
  • North Saanich
  • West Saanich
  • East Saanich
  • Oak Bay
  • Cordova Bay
  • Victoria
  • Esquimalt
  • Highlands
  • Metchosin
  • Shirley
  • Victoria West
  • Cadboro Bay
  • Fernwood

Professional Home Electrical Wiring Services on Vancouver Island, CA

Faulty house electrical wiring is one of the most dangerous issues plaguing homes across Canada. Bad or outdated wiring is responsible for thousands of house fires, injuries, and deaths every year. To avoid these severe repercussions, homeowners should become familiar with the signs of faulty wiring and contact a professional electrical technician as soon as they notice electrical problems.

Our certified electricians have decades of experience performing electrical upgrades throughout the Vancouver Island, CA, area and can complete your project safely and accurately. We will help you determine if the electrical service in your home needs to be upgraded to 200 amps or greater to meet your needs. While replacing your electrical service, we will perform an electrical panel upgrade and replace key electrical components such as the service entrance cable, the electrical meter, and the grounding and bonding system. When you hire us for electrical upgrades in Vancouver Island, CA, you can trust our technicians will work carefully to ensure your home and family’s safety.

Signs of Faulty Wiring

How do you know if you need an electrical panel upgrade or a full electrical rewiring? If you experience any of the following complications, shut off the power to that area of the house and reach out to your local electrician for an electrical inspection:

  • Burnt or foul-smelling electrical outlets
  • Buzzing, popping, or vibrating outlets or switches
  • Frayed wires due to rodent damage
  • Frequently tripped breakers
  • Flickering lights
  • Too many extension cords

The Importance of Rewiring an Old House

If you live in a home that’s older than 35 years, it’s crucial that you start planning for an electrical upgrade. Many older homes still feature outdated knob and tube wiring, which is one of the top five causes of electrical fires. Even if your old house has more modern wiring systems, the wiring is likely faulty or incapable of keeping up with the demands of your modern appliances and devices.

Rewiring your house could be one of the best investments you ever make. Rewiring an old house ensures the structure and its occupants are safe from electrical shocks and fires. It also prevents the home’s appliances and smoke detectors from failing and the home from experiencing power outages.

Upgrade Your Space With Smart Home Wiring Services

Smart home devices can transform the way you live, making life at home easier and safer. Most smart home technologies are wire-free, but there are still instances where hardwiring is required. In order for your smart home systems to communicate effectively with your electrical system and appliances, you will want to entrust the installation process to qualified technicians.

Our smart home wiring specialists can safely install your smart light switches, wall outlets, thermostats, and video doorbells for you. You will not have to hassle with trying to figure out which wires to use or where you should locate the device. We will take care of every step of the electrical upgrades process in your Vancouver Island, CA, home so that you can simply sit back and enjoy your newly installed smart home systems.

Schedule Electrical Service Upgrade Today

If you suspect your home’s wiring needs to be updated, don’t put off getting in touch with qualified electricians for electrical installation. At Sasquatch Home Services, we can perform electrical upgrades in your Vancouver Island, CA, home that will protect your safety. Schedule service with our certified technicians today.