Langford Dedicated Computer Circuit Services

Are you constantly tripping your circuit breaker? Call Sasquatch Home Services today for dedicated circuit installation in Langford, BC, Metchosin, Mill Bay, and surrounding cities.

You most likely have many appliances in your Langford, BC, home all working to make you comfortable. However, do you pay attention to your home’s overall power usage? Probably not.

While this might not seem like an issue, connecting too many appliances to your home’s electrical system could strain it. The more strained your system is, the more often your circuit breaker will trip. Fortunately, you can resolve this issue by installing dedicated circuits.

Get in touch with Sasquatch Home Services today to learn how installing dedicated computer circuits can help your home. Our experienced electricians arrive on time, use the latest technology, and keep your home safe with our outstanding electrical services.

We offer professional panel upgrade services to help you accommodate your appliances.

How Do Dedicated Circuits Work?

Think of dedicated circuits as a private power supply for your appliances. They allow various appliances to access all the power they need without straining the rest of the electrical system.

We can install two types of dedicated circuits:

  • 20-amp dedicated circuits help you keep mid-range devices like home entertainment systems running.
  • 30-50-amp circuits are ideal if you have an appliance that uses a lot of power.

When we arrive, we’ll inspect your home’s wiring and electrical panel and recommend the right type of dedicated circuit for your home.