Langford Code Compliance Repairs

Avoid electrical code violations with reliable repairs from Sasquatch Home Services. Call to discuss your needs in Langford, Highlands, View Royal, and surrounding areas.

Today, the electrical systems present in residential properties are safer and a lot more efficient. This is mostly down to the electrical codes property owners have to comply with.

Ensuring your electrical system meets modern standards helps make your Langford, BC, home safe and liveable. That is why code compliance repairs are essential.

At Sasquatch Home Services, our trusted and background-check electricians offer solutions that will leave your electrical system operating optimally and your home up to code.

We also offer electrical panel upgrade services to make your system more efficient and reliable.

Examples of Electrical Code Compliance Issues We Fix in Southern Vancouver Island

Just because your electrical system is powering your appliances doesn’t mean it is safe for use. It could have various underlying issues that are causing significant hidden damage.

Though it might seem daunting, a code compliance inspection is the best way to avoid placing your home at risk. Unfortunately, most homeowners are often unaware of their area’s electrical code to begin with. That’s where our experienced team can help! We’ll go over your home top to bottom to identify any wiring, outlets, circuit breakers, and fixtures that need repairs.

Some of the common code compliance issues we come across include:

  • Overcrowding the electrical panel
  • Failing to install the right number of GFCI receptacles
  • Failing to fit the home with tamper-resistant GFCI receptacles
  • Using the wrong receptacle cover
  • Using the wrong circuit breaker