Langford Child-Proof Outlet Services

Keep your child safe with a child proof electrical outlet from Sasquatch Home Services. Call us today to schedule service in Langford, Central Saanich, or Juan de Fuca EA.

As exciting as it is, welcoming a child means child-proofing your home. There’s a lot to do, from setting up the nursery to covering sharp corners. Amidst the chaos, it can be easy to safeguard one aspect of your Langford, BC, home — the outlets.

It’s not uncommon for parents to rush their children to hospital due to electrical shocks. Fortunately, installing child safe outlets can help you prevent this from happening. At Sasquatch Home Services, our trustworthy electricians can make every outlet in your home safe for little ones, so call us today!

We also offer professional electrical inspections to keep your electrical system safe and functioning optimally.

What Are Child Proof Outlets?

Your child’s curiosity is a beautiful thing. Unfortunately, your child might not be aware of the dangers outlets pose.

While a child safe outlet looks like a regular outlet, it is quite different. This outlet has a spring-loaded cover plate that protects electrical connections. This design makes it almost impossible for your child to insert objects into the outlet. As a result, the risk of electrical shocks is much lower.