The popularity of solar panels has only grown in recent years, and there are plenty of reasons why. Solar panels are a wonderful investment for homeowners that can help save money on your electric bills and help the environment. If you’re considering solar panels, keep reading to understand how these powerful yet sleek devices can power your home efficiently and for years to come. 

Solar Costs Are Going Down

For many homeowners, the biggest problem they found when purchasing solar power systems was prohibitive cost. Fortunately, solar panel costs are going down, but the benefits of installing a solar panel are still the same. Homeowners are finding that they can still enjoy solar’s short- and long-term benefits without spending the same amount of money.

Solar Panels Increase Your Property’s Value

Homes with solar panels increase in value exponentially, and you can benefit more from a solar panel installation than a kitchen renovation! Whether you’re considering a move in the near future or want to settle down into your home for a while, a solar panel can increase your property value to levels you may never have thought possible.

Solar Panels Pay for Themselves

Solar panel systems save so much energy that they eventually return their cost tenfold. It usually takes about 9 or 10 years for the average home to benefit from its solar investment, which isn’t an excessive amount of time. If you have a young child, odds are they’ll still only be in secondary school by the time your solar panels start paying you back. Think about all the money you’ll save before, during, and after those ten years.

Government Incentives

Solar incentives don’t just stop at the panels paying for themselves. You can also receive a federal tax credit from the Canadian government or your local government that pays you back for a portion of your solar installation. Federal incentives like the Canada Greener Homes Grant gives $5,000 to homeowners that make their homes greener. 

The government also offers up to $40,000 in interest-free loans for homeowners to make their homes more energy efficient. Net metering in BC, the BC Renewable Energy System Incentive of $250, and the BC provincial sales tax exemption for renewable energy systems are all incentives residents in British Columbia can take advantage of.

Thinking About Solar Panels? Consider These Factors to Determine if They’re Right for You

Combining all of these solar benefits, it’s clear that the upfront cost of solar panels can be mitigated with plenty of solutions. But if you really want to benefit from solar panels, consider these few factors and how they apply within the confines of your home. Under the right circumstances, your home could be a perfect match to save on your energy bills. 

Your Energy Consumption

The most important thing to know about your home is the amount of energy you consume. If the kids are always on the TV or if you use a ton of appliances every month, you can reduce your electricity rates with the sun’s energy. Consider getting electrical upgrades to ensure you aren’t inefficiently powering your home and wasting your solar energy.

Your Roof Design

You want a roof with plenty of flat surfaces and without too many grooves or roof features. This gives you enough surface area to install the right amount of panels for your home. In addition, certain roof materials impact the cost of your installation, and you can discuss this with your solar installers.

The Amount of Sunlight You Get

The more sunlight you get, the more your home benefits in the long run. If your roof is facing west or southwest, you’ll receive more sun radiation and, in turn, more energy from the panels. If your roof soaks up the sun’s rays, why not use that energy in ways that help you and the environment?

Planning a Move Soon?

Solar panels are a must if you’re planning on living at home for a while. Starting the process early saves you even more in the long run, and you can benefit from the installation incentives of solar energy. Best of all, plenty of solar companies can provide you with a smooth and easy installation process.

Get Your Solar Panels Installed by the Pros

You’re not too late to get a solar panel expertly installed onto your roof. With us, you can get solar energy combined with detailed breakdowns of the installation costs, important terms and conditions, and an understanding of exactly how you can benefit from solar energy. For more information on solar panel installation — or any of our other energy-efficient services, like heat pumps — contact us today.